each session will include multiple forms of therapeutic* practices for mind body and soul
with an emphasis on the healing energies and vibrations of art, nature, water, movement, stones and a little bit of basic foraging
please feel free to request special focus(es) for your personalized session 
$60 Solo sessions
2 hours; art supplies provided
all solo sessions will be privately scheduled with your best healing intentions in mind, please inform me of any physical limitations upon booking. please see the calendar for my location before booking - currently in west michigan
$25 group sessions
2 hours; art supplies provided
all group sessions will be planned for every second wednesday evening from 6-8pm and last sunday morning from 8-10am each month. group sessions are currently taking place in west michigan and surrounding areas, please see the calendar for location before booking.
or 'buy me a coffee' for quick Q&A or Venting Text/Phone/FaceTime Sessions
***disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist yet, using only adaptations of acquired methods of self-healing from over 30+ years of medical, alternative, physical and mental therapies***
Thank you!