Since you are here anyway, there are things you don't need to know, but just in case you are curious,
 this is me: 


Born an Observer and an Artist in Kalamazoo, MI and raised in many little places here and there. I have been studying all of the arts throughout all of my years, including many years at community and private colleges. I was blessed with a curse of a neurological brain and pain disorder, a malfunction, if you will that has also given me an opportunity to live life a little differently as well as giving me time to focus on life's many purposes. I find joy in the little things, like nature, music, dancing, baking and so much more. My photography and words are a reflection of my observations, studies and odd perspective, but I feel blessed that these come naturally to me, which makes me feel the need to share them freely. My only hope in this world is that what I share can have a loving, caring, healing, uplifting, deep thought effect on those who perceive it. 
Thank you!