it was just another day

took the birds out to the coop this morning, shuffling double-sock-packed boots in the fresh but fairly deep snow with my bus birds, the turkey, Peni walking cautiously next to me and the mini rooster, Pipondori slightly shivering in my arms... and found that two of my sweet hens did not make it into the coop last night, but were still quite happy to see me, and food of course. I opened up the door and let Pip dance at his ladies and found 1 egg already waiting for me in the corner nest. still quite cold out, the bus was just not warm enough to be awake in, so I trudged over to the house and dropped off the cat and headed over for a quick walk to starbucks. when I arrived, they had decided to shut down early, so I got some pastries, a coffee, and sat for a bit to sync the interwebs for my next visit. a short walk away and groceries were gotten and when I returned with treats of greens and grapes for the hens, there were more eggs, a total of 5 so far today. somewhere in there I also took some time to take a few photos of the snow and ice that has been so beautiful in the sunshine all day, and I will post them shortly. the sun is going down later and later and we cannot wait for some warmer days, but this was a most beautiful and refreshing change of pace.

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